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OEE Performance Management Software Platform for Production Lines

Our OEE software enables manufacturing companies to save money by increasing the productivity of their lines. This is achieved through real time monitoring and historical analysis.

Customer Benefits


Manufacturing companies can improve the productivity of their production lines after implementing iLine. This can be achieved by reducing downtime, by ensuring that machines are running at their optimal speeds and by minimising rejects and reworks on individual machines.

Increase Productivity by 5% to 30%




Decrease Downtime


Increase Machine Speeds


Decrease Rejects/Reworks

Manufacturing companies can achieve increases in productivity on their production lines typically of up to 30% by utilising iLine as part of their lean six sigma operational excellence program. Importantly this increase in productivity equates to substantial financial savings and in some plants millions of euros. The system enables manufacturers to monitor in real time and historically what is happening on the factory floor. The software can enable the manufacturers to:


  1. Monitor accurately to establish where the greatest losses are occurring.


  2. Take action to improve on these issues.


  3. Monitor to ensure that these actions taken result in the desired increase in productivity.


Please watch this video of our managing director and company founder Kevin Corr  talking about how iLine can help manufacturers to save money by improving the OEE of their production lines:

Benefits of iLine Software over other OEE Software Systems


No Software Development Cost

The software is the first fully model based system of its kind. The means that the software is fully configurable and requires no programming or associated costs. The software is setup by defining your plant in your design document and importing this document as a once off activity.


No Downtime Required

Typically we can implement iLine without making any changes to existing PLC code. This means that the system can be implemented without causing any downtime on the plant floor. This is especially beneficial in regulated industries as the software can be implemented without causing any GMP changes.



​Short Software Setup and Test Time

The highly automated nature of iLine allows customers to setup and fully test the software in an offline environment BEFORE deciding on whether to invest in iLine software. 


 Automated Offline System Testing​

The iLine digital twin simulation tool features real time simulation of the plant. This allows very accurate replication of plant activities in a test environment (from the PLC up). This allows all users (operators, management, etc.) to test in real time at an early stage without incurring software development costs. The digital twin simulation tool requires no programming or scripting.


 ​Low Risk of Misunderstanding / Disappointment

The full user experience is tested at an early stage in an offline environment. This means  that when the system goes into production that stakeholders are unlikely to have misaligned expectations of how the software works.



​Low Cost of Ownership

As your plant  changes (i.e. New machines , alarm / events or products are added or removed) you simply reconfigure the software with minimal automation expertise required. You can verify changes in real time on the digital twin simulation system before importing to the production system.  Due to this low work effort and low amount of technical expertise required, manufacturing companies can manage execution of changes to the system within their organisation. This means they avoid the cost of engaging with and paying for third party / vendor developers to make changes to their system.