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Main Features of iLine OEE Solution

Manufacturing companies can run the iLine  client software in any HTML5 browser or as a desktop application on any networked Windows PC. The user interface is simple and intuitive to use.

Real Time Mimic Visualisation

Real Time Alarm and Event Monitoring

Real Time Email Notifications

User Security (Active Directory Authentication)

Browser Based Client

OEE Charts

Production Scheduling

Shift Charts / Reports

Batch Charts / Reports

Changeover Monitoring

Machine Status Charts

Alarm / Event History

Audit Trail

How are existing work practices affected by the day to day running of the iLine OEE Solution?

The software has been designed in such a way that there is no new work created in the day to day running of the system in a production environment.

The following tasks are optional but not essential to run the iLine software system:

1. Assign Downtime Reasons to unassigned stops on the production line (0-5 minutes per shift)

2. Identify start and end of each batch (0-3 minute per shift)

Note that all other data is generated automatically.

Sample Screenshots

iLine OEE Solution Mimic Screen

Realtime Plant Mimic Screen

The plant Mimic Screen is a SCADA type screen showing realtime information on the current status of your machines. The machine animation colours change in real time as the status of the machines change on the factory floor. For example when the filler machine is running the machine will appear green in the mimic screen. When the machine is in an alarm state then the machine will appear red in the mimic screen. This allows the operator to react quickly to any issues that occur with individual machines.

iLine OEE Solution Machine Status Chart

Machine Status Chart

The Machine Status Chart allows easy visualisation of machine runtime and machine downtime over different time periods. This screen allow users to see at a glance which machines have been giving problems over shorter time periods.

iLine OEE Shift OEE Chart

Shift OEE Chart

The Shift OEE Charts allows management and staff to view the OEE for the production line or for individual machines. Charts can show this data on a shift by shift basis or over a longer period of time. This allows users to identify which machines during which shifts are causing issues on the factory floor.

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Features List



Max Number Of Machines (per production area)


Shift Reports and Charts

Historical Alarm and Events

Real-time Mimic Screen

Email Notifications

Automated Data Collection

Manual Data Collection

Assign Downtime Reasons

Downtime Reporting

OEE Reporting*

Local Security System

Active Directory Authentication

Audit Trail

Editing of Reatime Mimic **

Batch Reports and Charts **

Production Plan Definition **

Desktop Client Application

Browser Client Application

  * OEE Reporting is only available for discrete manufacturing systems.

** Additional  licensing required